Team-Battle About 1721021746
Team-Battle About 1721021746
Team-Battle About 1721021746 1721021746
105 Players: TeamBattle gives you the opportunity to play for free with your friends wherever they are.
This is an online Quiz game with over 1000 questions ready to play.
Do you want more than 1000 questions for your game with your friends? You can customize them and create your own game challenges: create your own category for your team now!

Attention!!! Christmas 2020 version already included in the package: what are you waiting for to invite your friends online wherever they are.

Game Modes Supported:
- Closed question quiz with up to four answers
- Online bingo with scoreboard and cards up to 100 numbers
- Quiz with open answers with timed booking system

TeamBattle also shares the results of a match: useful for publishing your score online on social networks or sharing it at school.
Thanks to these features TeamBattle can also be used for educational purposes by Masters, Teachers and Professors in the field of distance learning DAD.
The system works online realtime: that is, each player has his own stopwatch driven by the scoreboard to answer.

The 1000 preloaded Quizzes are already in several languages:
- Italian
- English
- French
- Spanish
- Vietnamese
- Chinese
- Russian
- Greek
- Portuguese
- Dutch
and many other languages, not forgetting that you can create new ones according to the needs of your friends.

Online game:
- Play alone with 1000 preloaded Quizzes
- Play with your friends in real time wherever they are
- Multi-language quiz
- Realtime stopwatch for all players: it is not possible to fake the answers or the stopwatch
- Works on smartphone, tablet, web, online: what are you waiting for to install the native app for your mobile?
- Open-ended quiz
- Quiz with closed answers, up to four possible answers
- Automatic scoring: if you configure the right answer TeamBattle will assign the score to your friends
- Graphics, sounds and vibration to stay alert during the most challenging quizzes
- Sharing of results also in PDF format
- Bingo game included for free
- You can also play deferred: such as the game of chess. You can resume games and answer the most difficult questions. A push notification will arrive at the scoreboard and players
- Quizzes divided by categories: Sport, Cinema, Entertainment, Geography, Science, Politics, Current Affairs, and many others
- Possibility to customize the Quizzes

Invite your friends and play now for free online.

Demonstration videos:

Create your Quiz now or try to answer this question:
- In History: who discovered the continent of America?
Answer A: Christopher Columbus
Answer B: Amerigo Vespucci
Answer C: Napoleon Bonaparte
Answer D: John Lenon

Are you ready to answer the question? The stopwatch has already started!
You can also ask your friends for help or browse the internet: the stopwatch will continue to run. Only the first player to answer (B) will receive the prize.
The game provides for the automatic assignment of scores and penalties so if you answer A, C, D you will be subtracted a point!

Book your place on the board now by choosing your friends' games.

Play online, linked to:

Remember to configure your nickname

Happy holidays and have fun

Team-Battle nous a donné l'opportunité de jouer gratuitement avec mes amis où qu'ils soient.
$ 162.00
Team-Battle About 1721021746
TeamBattle gives you the opportunity to play for free with your friends wherever they are. This is an online Quiz game w
Team-Battle About 1721021746
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